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We are delighted to present our new vision for Loxley Valley

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We are delighted to present our new vision for Loxley Valley

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The purpose of this website is to illustrate a vision for a proposed residential development on land off Storrs Bridge Lane in the Loxley Valley.

A positive and long lasting legacy of which all stakeholders involved can be proud.

The vision has been informed by our detailed analysis of the site, consideration of the distinctive characteristics of the valley and the Loxley Valley Design Statement.

Our aim is to repurpose a troubled and derelict site which has become a blight on the valley and leave a positive, long lasting legacy of which all stakeholders involved can be proud.

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The Site

The site is located within the Sheffield City Council (SCC) boundaries on the western outskirts of Loxley and Stannington in the Loxley Valley, about 5.5 km north-west of Sheffield City Centre.

The Former Hepworth Works site is relatively flat with a surface area of around 70 acres of former industrial land and is located directly south of Loxley Road and west of the mill pond at Old Wheel Farm, Wragg's Bowling Green and Beacon Wood.

The River Loxley runs almost directly through the centre of the site with Loxley Water Treatment Plant located to the far west of the site off Rowell Lane.

The Site is bordered to the north by Old Wheel Farm and grazing fields, to the east and south by woods, and to the west by Loxley Water Treatment Works and the fishing ponds.

Now derelict, the site is heavily polluted and overgrown and includes substantial hardstanding areas, former industrial buildings in various states of disrepair and is largely unmaintained and insecure despite best efforts to maintain security. There are a series of expansive, abandoned and inactive industrial structures that once belonged to the former Hepworth Works.

There are a number of natural features such as the River Loxley which meanders from north-west to south-east with a sizeable mill pond and an extensive amount of woodland to the south not included within the development proposals.

New Flood Defences

The existing site is prone to surface water flash flooding from the hillsides either side of the development platform.

The new flood defence strategy will enhance the existing drainage ditches to slow and channel run-off water around the site into new swales and ponds alongside a re-graded and natural river bank rather than the existing high sided former industrial channels.

With a 58% reduction of building footprint, a 78% reduction in hard standings, combined with an 11% increase in wild landscapes and proposals for 4.5 acres of bio-diverse garden areas, our proposals will create a more natural and porous development platform to eliminate flooding on site and indeed lower downstream.

At present there are large areas of concrete slabs acting as water collectors making water run-off much more pronounced. Parts of the site will be raised to prevent flooding to homes and businesses. More detailed proposals will be provided in due course by our Engineers.

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