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Biodiversity protection and enhancement

Would like to understand better how the impact on existing species that inhabit the site will be managed and how the new habitats will create a more biodiverse area. Would hope that engagement from the Woodland Trust who own and manage some adjacent woodland would be sought. Also FOLV and SRWT should have inputs.

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Kate Hodgson

I think the proposal is vague. Its cosy language and abundance of environmental buzzwords and slogans invite only scepticism. It is pure marketing and PR whose sole purpose is to sell a product by the relentlessly accentuating the positive. The developers' interest is in making a profit, not in the Loxley valley or its residents.

Agree but it would be a basis to hold them to when they develop the formal planning application. Given the reasons for the developers appeal rejection it seems very likely a smaller development proposal would succeed. Better to constructively engage to get the least worst solution?