Our design approach to water will be guided by these five key principles.

Preservation of Heritage

Respecting and including local heritage within the development ensures that the industrial history of the valley will remain visible and not be lost or forgotten.

It will preserve small dams, mill ponds, sluices and goyts – remnants of the waterpower that helped shape the valley and Sheffield.

It is proposed that the site commemorates the importance of waterpower in the valley and in particular, the Great Sheffield Flood. These features provide educational opportunities for residents and visitors by revealing the history and cultural significance of the area, which can lead to a greater appreciation and understanding of the valley.

Blue Corridor

The River Loxley carves its way through the valley and is a defining feature of the site.

New buildings will be set away from the river creating a new protected ‘Blue Corridor’ to encourage more wildlife and biodiversity.

Parts of the corridor will be accessible to the public and parts will nestle within protected zones owned by the homeowners creating very unique riverside homes within the valley.


Some of the larger dwellings will have their own infiltration ponds or natural swimming pools as a feature in their gardens. These provide for stormwater attenuation and treatment, act as a biological filter and support aquatic vegetation and ecology. They are an attractive feature that can provide natural cooling in the warmer months and will provide significant amenity benefits for the residents.

Swales, ditches and other ponds will be located around the development to enhance flood defences downstream alongside a vast reduction in hard surfacing that currently exists.

Environmentally Responsible

The new homes will feature water conservation techniques including rainwater harvesting and Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS).

By encouraging residents to participate in eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives, the development can foster a sense of shared community responsibility for the environment and help protect the overall health and well-being of the valley’s ecosystem.


The River Loxley is a significant natural resource in the valley that is enjoyed by the immediate local community and attracts visitors to walk along its banks.

Rights of way will be retained and enhanced throughout the site to maintain and improve access to the river for community enjoyment and local wildlife. New pedestrian bridges, picnic spots and secret cafes will break up the journey from Malin Bridge to Damflask.

New car parking can be provided alongside new bus stops to encourage more people to visit one of Sheffield most beautiful and industrially significant valleys.

Loxley Valley could become a new linear country park and a valuable community asset to rival the more famous Sheffield valleys of Mayfield, Rivelin and Limb.