Our design approach to the new buildings can be described as ‘contemporary rural’.

The massing and forms of the new homes are inspired by the farmsteads and barn structures of the Loxley Valley. The homes will be single storey only and feature pitched roofs with a shallow pitch between 35° to 45° as is typical in the valley.

They will be assembled from a series of components faced in a limited palette of materials that are local to the valley and inform its character; stone, metal and wood. The way the homes fit together and how they fit into the landscape will accentuate the valley and its distinctive character.

These diagrams show how the proposed building components could be assembled to create homes that share a common architectural form, material and detailing, but are distinctly different to each other.

The intention is to create a series of buildings that create variety and distinctiveness through their differences and to avoid the repetition of house types that is common in more urban housing developments.